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07/27/2014 5:02pm

Nice books and paintings you have here.
Keep the good work going.

Tony S
09/28/2014 7:57pm

You need to do your own animated political series. Your political views were often the visual that the words of the post couldn't or wouldn't print !!!

08/24/2016 7:16pm

I saw your beautiful cartoon "Just a temporary ban on refugees", in B&W in our local paper and felt compelled to check out your website. I enjoyed seeing what else you have done.
Amazing work.

11/18/2016 11:05am

Sean!!! That's it. I just felt like yelling Sean

11/23/2016 7:55pm

This is a wonderful opportunity to see the talents of this young boy. I appreciate Sean for his amazing works. He is really blessed and I am expecting more works from him. Keep doing more and more paintings! Thank you!

thomas k. owens
11/26/2016 6:09pm

Dear Sean,
My home was essentially destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and all services electricity water phone and food and newspaper delivery ended in Breezy Point. It was some time later that I learned that the nitwits at the Post shut down the pre-eminent cartoonist of the era. For many years our extended family bought the Post and would first eyeball the latest Delonas take on the contemporary situation. The best cartoons we clipped and would refer to them when we needed a few laughs. (still have hundreds)You would most certainly have had a field day the last few years. You were never afraid to call a clown, a clown, a pig, a pig, or a spade a spade! How I miss the Clinton chicken and Monkey. Not so much that I would want to endure four more years of The Grifters. Never went back to the Post in silent protest and had hoped that you would set up a website and publish a greatest hits. Imagine the surprise to find this site, and clear indications that your art form has reached an entirely new level. Christmas shopping just got a way easier!
Continued success and Merry Christmas.


Dennis Campbell
12/09/2016 11:05am

You are freakishly talented.


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sean delonas, delonas